Landscape and Lawn Care Declared Essential Businesses

You hear it every year, April showers bring May well, you know how the saying goes. Still, its good to see our plant shoots push up through the earth as if stretching awake from a long nap.

Recently, we had a prospect call into our office who had some not-so-good things to say about lawn care service companies as a whole. Obviously, shed previously had a bad experience with another lawn care company. When we asked her why she felt that way, she revealed a horror story of unkept promises and disappointments.

Core Aeration is very beneficial for your lawn in many ways! It will reduce compacted soil to allow more water, air and nutrients to the root zone of your lawn. It will also help break up thatch buildup for much better growing conditions throughout the year. This is the best cultural practice you can do for your lawn every year.

Overseeding increases your lawn density. The Introduction of disease resistant grasses is the best long term solution for lawns that have history of disease problems and summer damage. New seed varieties will help provide good deep green colors when mature and blend well with established lawns. This service is done with core aeration.

Repair summer damage to your lawn. We offer Core Aeration with overseeding. Fall is the best time for this in NE Indiana. Call us today @ 260-432-8900

Insects invading your home can be extremely irritating. Our perimeter pest control treatment program will help create a barrier around your home and help eliminate such insects as ant, spider, earwigs, cockroaches, centipedes and many more. These insects typically live outside and tend to find dry areas for nesting, feeding and breeding. Your home is the perfect place for them depending on the season.

Signature Lawn & Tree Services is here for you to help prevent your lawn/plants/trees from damage from the adverse weather conditions. Our Lawn/Tree/Pest control programs are designed for the greater Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

Grubs can be very damaging to your lawn here in NE Indiana. We have the experience of preventing and curing grubs to help protect your lawn from severe damage. The preventive treatment gives you season long control and is backed up by our guarantee.

Tree Shrub Care can be one of the most easily overlooked things on your property. Our Programs are designed to help prevent and cure damaging insects, diseases and fertilize for healthy vigor growth. Better color, blooms, fruits etc. Sometimes it only takes a treatment or a series of treatments to bring your landscape back to life!

Don't let those unsightly weeds get you down. They can be controlled throughout the growing season with Signature Lawn & Tree Services program. Whether you want monthly treatments or just a few per year. We are here to help so don't put it off any longer!

Tree Injections are the most effective way to treat larger trees for Insect and disease issues. This treatment is a direct injection into the specific tree with specialized equipment for delivering the best results possible. By doing injections helps minimize exposure of pesticides to people or pets.