Auburn Indiana Lawn & Tree Care Service

Providing Auburn Indiana lawn & tree care services always begins with a free lawn and tree care analysis. Serving this city known as “The Home of the Classics,” has always been a privilege for us here at Signature Lawn & Tree Services.

What specifically do our lawns and trees in this area need to become vibrant and healthy? We regularly ask ourselves that very same question, our 60 years of combined experience working specifically on Indiana lawns and trees provides a unique opportunity to answer that question.

Insect and disease issues are a common place, both for our lawns as well as our trees and shrubs. Additionally, many areas within Auburn have a clay based soil type. At Signature, we’re constantly monitoring the needs of our customers lawns and trees, as well as monitoring the changes that naturally happen in natures constantly shifting cycles. Being proactive in the business of lawn and tree care means preventing damage or plant loss before it ever happens.

Our services are designed to handle the unique challenges we face. Challenges like: weed infestations, bag worms on our trees, turf damaging insects like sod webworms that chew on the turf crown, lawn fertilization, or grubs that feed on our lawns roots systems, and more.

In the town that produced the Duesenberg Automobile, and now proudly houses the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. Nothing makes us happier than serving our hard working clients by working hard ourselves to deliver healthy trees & shrubs, and thick, green beautiful lawns.

Let’s work together to make your property look the best its ever been. Contact us today!

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