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Ligonier, Indiana is home to the yearly Marshmallow festival, which, to the staff at Signature Lawn & Tree Services, makes working in this town even better. Besides, who doesn’t like marshmallows?

While our area of specialty has nothing to do with sugary treats, we’re glad to help our Ligonier customers when it comes to their lawn and tree care needs, and we would be grateful if you allowed us to give you a free lawn and tree care analysis, including pricing and recommendations.

Our staff has been working with the plants of this area for many, many years, our loyal customers are proof that we must be doing this right.

Whether we’re working on saving your beautiful Ash treeswith our Emerald Ash Borer prevention treatments, to helping your lawn grow thick, green and weed free. We know that being successful means relying on our instincts, knowledge’ and sixty years of combined staff experience working in the Indiana lawn and tree care industry.

At Signature, it’s our mission to help our clients grow healthy, great looking, trees, shrubs and lawns. Our trained professionals are prepared for whatever difficulties your plants will face this season. We specialize in weed control, insect and disease control, lawn aeration, and fertilization techniques that are best served for the needs of our plants in Northeast Indiana.

Thanks for keeping us busy Ligonier! We’re pleased that you’ve chosen to support our business, we intend to return the favor by delivering the results you’re wanting from a local Indiana company.

So, we’ll see you around town, maybe we can split a marshmallow treat at your next festival.

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