Aren't All Lawn Care Companies The Same?


Recently, we had a prospect call into our office who had some not-so-good things to say about lawn care service companies as a whole. Obviously, she’d previously had a bad experience with another lawn care company. When we asked her why she felt that way, she revealed a horror story of unkept promises and disappointments.

Lawn care companies, like every business, will occasionally face negative perceptions. Many times this perception comes from a previous bad experience. So, aren’t all lawn companies the same? We hear this a lot in our chosen field (no pun intended). Really, it’s understandable. One experience from a lawn care company, good or bad, can very easily shape the way we think or view other future lawn service providers.

Making a promise means doing our best to keep that promise and at the very least, if we do fail, being honest and working with our client towards a new solution. This is the heart behind every good and successful client/home services provider relationship. This goes for us, as we work to eliminate dandelions from our customer’s lawn, to a doctor whose job is to care for his or her patients. The old saying should still be true today regardless of the profession, a promise made is a promise kept.

We aren’t perfect, nobody is. Still, we seek to be real as a lawn care company and we strive to keep our promises. If we fail, we are honest, we reassess, and we look for a new solution that benefits our client. It’s our goal to provide a hassle-free experience by doing what we say we will do. It’s that simple. If you’ve been burned in the past, we extend our sympathies and invite you to try and trust again, and we expect you to hold us accountable.