Grub Prevention and Control Services here in Fort Wayne, IN

As Spring starts to hit its stride, insects and other pests are going to be on the rise. This means that your garden, lawn, trees, and shrubs are all going to be under attack here pretty soon. One of the biggest threats to a healthy lawn has yet to make an appearance, and that’s the white grub. These guys hit the scene starting in mid to late summer, so you still have plenty of time to get a head start on preventing an outbreak this year.

These grubs will hatch from beetle eggs that were left to gestate earlier in the year. Once they hatch, they’ll have a ravenous appetite for your grass roots. As they make their way around your yard feeding on its root system, you’re going to be left with patches of grass that will start to wither and die since it can’t get the nutrients it needs to thrive any more. This can turn an otherwise healthy lawn into a terrible problem pretty quickly if left unchecked.

Here at Signature Lawn & Tree Services, we can help you prevent any damage from grubs before they run amok. By using a grub preventative control plan in the late spring and through the mid-summer, we’ll help you provide a barrier that the grubs won’t be able to get through and cause damage. However, even if you find that you do have a grub problem, we can help your lawn recover from it as well. Our grub curative control plans will take stock of your current damage and infestation, and come up with a strategy to get rid of the grubs and help your lawn bounce back.

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