How-To: Overseeding your Fort Wayne Lawn

Overseeding is a great way to keep your lawn young, bright, and full, and is the most effective when done during the cooler months of fall. The overseeding season in Fort Wayne starts in August and goes through September, with the prime time being the middle of the two months. You may be wondering where to start, we at Signature Lawn have created a great how-to guide to help you get your lawn from okay to great!

To begin, you’ll need to pick out the kind of grass seed you would like to use to fill in your lawn. Some things to keep in mind:
  • While annual grasses are great for a quick fill in, you’ll have to replant them every year.
  • Bunch type grasses work well and creates sod.
  • Fertilizer should be stopped a month before overseeding to give the new grass an equal chance to grow.
  • Make sure there are no outstanding issues with your soil beforehand. Overseeding will not fix soil problems.
  • Pick a grass seed that will work in the Fort Wayne climate. Warm season grasses won’t last long in the harsh Midwest winters.
Next, you will need to cut your lawn to 2 inches or lower. This will give the new grass seeds better contact with the soil. During this step, you’ll need to collect your lawn trimmings and as much thatch as you can, the closer the grass seed can get to the soil, the better the crop. Next, we suggest core aerating your lawn, it gives your new seeds a head start and helps your lawn ‘breath’ better. After aeration is completed, you’re ready to spread your grass seed. Using a seed spreader is ideal, but if you are spreading by hand, going in a diagonal pattern opposite ways works. Once your new grass seed is planted, you will need to lightly mist your lawn a few times a day for the first 4 days or so, and a heavy soaking every other day for the next 5 days. Watering leads to better and quicker germination. Our last suggestion is to wait until your new grass is at least two inches long before mowing, this will allow the grass time to grow and will make it less susceptible to dying or diseases.

We know that overseeding can seem like a challenge, that’s why we are always here to help. Whether you are looking to do it yourself, or are looking for quality professionals, we’re here to help you get your lawn into prize-winning condition. Give us a call at 260-432-8900 today to get started on the lawn you’ve been dreaming of!