Insect Control is an Important Step in Creating a Perfect Yard in Fort Wayne

Insect control is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn for not only your vegetation, but also for the people and pets that live on the property. This is especially important as spring showers start to provide the prime breeding conditions for mosquitos, fleas, ticks and other harmful pests. Here at Signature Lawn, we’ve created one of the most comprehensive and effective year-round strategies to fight against the insects native to here in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

We can take a look at your yard and determine the exact type of pest you’re dealing with. We’ll be able to then recommend the right solution to tackle the problem. Do you have signs of grubs? We’ll administer the proper treatment. We can help point out spots that are great mosquito hangouts, we’ll also be able to provide you with recommendations to help remedy the problem for the future.

Not only do we help keep your lawn in good condition by getting rid of the insects and pests that will damage it, but we can also help keep tree and shrub pests under control as well. We have vast amounts of experience in dealing with emerald ash borers as well as many other common bugs local to northern Indiana.

Simply give us a call today  260-432-8900 and we’ll get you set up for a free analysis and estimate. Get ahead of the game by treating early this year, and enjoy a lush, green, and healthy lawn all year long that you can be proud of!