Keep your Fort Wayne Lawn Green with Overseeding

Do you wish your yard was greener, thicker, more luscious? At Signature Lawn, we know that nobody wants to be that neighbor – the one with weeds, dying grass, and a significantly lesser yard than the rest of the neighborhood. It’s actually a lot simpler than you may think to improve your lawn's appearance – all you need is overseeding!

Overseeding is the best way to turn a patchy, discolored yard into the most beautiful yard on the block. It helps increase lawn density, and spreading new grass seed varieties over an existing lawn will make the lawn greener, brighter, more vivid, and more disease-resistant. This works by distributing different kinds of seeds that grow at various thicknesses and colors. As new grasses grow with an older lawn they blend with existing grasses, creating deep green colors and thickening the lawn at the same time. At Signature Lawn in Fort Wayne, we also seed disease-resistant grass varieties in order to keep your lawn from getting sick – which manifests itself in patchiness, grass discoloration and, eventually, the death of your lawn.

As time goes by, it’s normal for your grass to thin out. Overseeding is a way to keep it thick without having to replant the whole yard. At Signature Lawn, we look at the kind of soil you have as well as your current turf type. We want to help you fill in any areas where your lawn has gotten damaged by heat, insects, or other menaces, increase the density of your grass, and, overall, just make your lawn look better! We recommend setting up a seasonal application schedule to improve your lawn in whatever way needed or desired. We use only the highest-quality grass seeds, so if you chose us to overseed your lawn, you can trust that your yard will be looking great in no time.

For a lawn- and tree-care analysis in the Fort Wayne area, call Signature Lawn today! Our highly trained professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have about overseeding or general lawn care.