Lawn Care Services for the Fort Wayne and Surrounding Areas

The hot summer months are upon us here in the Fort Wayne area, and with it come a whole host of things that every lawn is going to need done. After all, you’ve put in a lot of work to get your lawn in a green, healthy condition. You don’t want the heat and pests to come along and ruin all of that. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about getting a solution from Signature Lawn & Tree Services to help you out.

We can easily keep the invasive bug and grub population down. We’ll apply a barrier around your home’s foundation that will ward off ants, spiders, earwigs, and all the other creepy crawlies that you don’t want in your house. Application doesn’t take much time, and it is well worth the preventative investment in order to keep a full blown infestation from taking hold.

Another good lawn care service that we provide is core aeration. This helps your lawn to grow stronger root systems and absorb water much more efficiently. This is best performed during the fall season, so we’ll schedule the right time with you to ensure the best care for your lawn over the next few months.

We also have just about every lawn care service that you can think of. We’ll help you with everything from weed control to lawn fertilization. All of these solutions are provided by our own staff that is more than qualified to create beautiful, green, lush lawns, trees, and shrubs. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started with your lawn care solution as soon as possible.