Prep your Lawn for the Year with a Lawn Care Service Package from Signature Lawn Services Today

Even though the temperature and snow flurries may not show it, spring has once again fallen upon us here in Northern Indiana. This means that it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and garden. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the yearly problems such as weeds, damaging insects, and making sure that each plant has the right nutrients. After all, one of the secrets to a green, thriving lawn is making sure it has every opportunity to succeed.

A solid lawn care plan is needed with a strategy for every month. Here in Fort Wayne, we have a plan for both early and late spring, summer, and fall. At the beginning of the year, we suggest that you get out in front of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds with prevention and control applications. Once the lawn has been treated, we suggest that it’s followed up with a fertilizer application. This will help feed the lawn so it can get the most out of the April showers and increased sunny days.

As the year goes on, you’ll then want to start thinking about a pest and insect control treatment. Grubs, cutworms, mites, and a whole host of other pests are just waiting for the right opportunity to destroy your lush grass. By applying an insect control product, you’ll be able to keep the damaging insects from causing brown patches, hurting your root system, and in general being a nuisance to your established lawn.

We’ve helped many home owners and businesses alike with lawn care services here in Fort Wayne. Our team will be able to evaluate the current status of your lawn, determine the best course of action needed to make it as green and beautiful as possible, and implement it on a schedule that will make the most out of the calendar year. Give us a call 260-432-8900 today and we’ll get you setup with a free consultation. Don’t let one of the most important time frames of the year pass you by!