The Best Tree and Shrub Spraying Services in Fort Wayne can be Found Here at Signature Lawn

The landscaping of your home should be something you’re proud of and an envy of the neighborhood. However, there are plenty of forces here in Fort Wayne that are lined up against this goal. They’ll attack not only your lawn, but also your trees and shrubs. This can be an extremely expensive problem if left unchecked. Replacement trees and shrubs aren’t cheap to replace. That’s why you need a good pest and disease control and preventative solution from Signature Lawn.

Our tree and shrub spraying services are the perfect solution Once you’re scheduled for an inspection, our team will come out and look over your trees and shrubs to determine the exact extent of the problem you’re facing. We’ll then be able to determine the proper spray that will eliminate the pests and diseases that are present. This will allow you to keep your plants healthy and growing.

Once we’ve delivered the initial application to your trees and shrubs, we’ll then visit your property every 4 to 6 weeks afterwards to check in on the status of them. Our specialist will then be able to determine if the trees and shrubs will need another round of spraying to get rid of new insect invasions or to prevent them from settling in if new infestation signs are showing.

We can also help you by providing your trees with a targeted spray to control a specific disease or insect. An example of this type of service is having us come out and spray a crabapple tree to protect them against Apple Scab disease. These tree disease control programs are the most common type of targeted sprays that we perform due to the fact that keeping a disease at by requires critical timing throughout the year.

If you’d like more information on how we can keep your trees and shrubs healthy and green this year, contact Fort Wayne’s number one lawn care company: Signature Lawn and Trees Services!