Tree Injections – The Best Way to Protect Your Yard

Protecting your trees from diseases and pests should be a priority if you wish to maintain an attractive yard. The sad truth is, trees in urban areas are especially prone to damage from insect pests and diseases spread by various pathogens. The most effective way to combat this is with tree injection.

Tree injection is a treatment whereby chemicals or nutrients are injected directly into a tree either to prevent pest infestation and disease or to help the tree recover from such. After being treated, trees generally develop stronger cells, heartier roots, and a greater resistance to infection.

Two common tree afflictions in the Fort Wayne area are Dutch Elm Disease and invasion by Emerald Ash Borers.

Dutch Elm Disease is actually a fungus that blocks the vascular (water transferring) system of a tree. With water and nutrients unable to circulate, infected trees tend to die rapidly, often in just a few weeks. That’s why it’s important to counter the problem early and act as soon as you see signs of the disease in your trees.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a metallic-colored beetle that came to the United States from Asia. It’s quite a small beetle – less than 20 millimeters long and only 3 millimeters in width. Despite it’s small size, though, this bug causes a lot of damage. It attacks ash trees – feeding off of them and laying eggs in their branches. After the eggs hatch and the larvae are born, they live underneath the bark of the tree and feed off it as they grow. Once the larvae become adults, they leave the tree by boring D-shaped holes in the bark. These pests not only steal nutrients from your trees, but they also leave them looking broken and decayed once they’re finished with them. Should Emerald Ash Borers be reported even as far as 30 miles away from your home, you need to treat as soon as you can in order to prevent them from getting to your yard. Treating in the springtime stops these beetles from laying eggs in the trees, and treating in the summertime kills any larvae growing underneath the bark.

As previously mentioned, the best way to treat for these and other, similar problems is by tree injection. You may be asking, though, what alternatives are available. Spray and soil treatments are the two most prevalent. But each has some undesirable consequences.

With spray application, large and potentially dangerous equipment must be used. Not only that, but spray drift and chemical runoff frequently occur. Soil application also causes chemical run off. It’s bad enough what this can do to your yard, but imagine how terrible it would be if chemicals were to somehow find their way to the highway, a school, or a park.

With tree injection, we can assure you that that will never happen. Tree injection allows chemicals to be injected directly into the tree trunk and distributed throughout the tree naturally. This is not only more environmentally friendly than other methods of pest and disease control, but it’s also much more efficient – an all-around better choice.