Lawn Fertilization Fort Wayne

A vibrant, great looking lawn is the focus of many homeowners today, which is why our free lawn and tree care analysis is an important step towards creating a beautiful lawn. Appearance is just one aspect of the many positives that come with a good lawn fertilization program. Some other benefits of feeding your lawn are:

- Fertilizing helps to develop and maintain a stronger more resilient lawn. This means a better tolerance of harsher environmental conditions such as drought or insect related attacks.

- Turf that’s been fed the right amount of plant nutrients, combined with watering, will see an increase in root development.

- Increases turf density. A thicker lawn leads to a reduction in weed population, and allows the lawn to keep and maintain greater amounts of moisture.

- Less susceptible to diseases. Fertilized lawns have a greater ability to resist, withstand, or bounce back quicker when impacted by seasonal disease issues.

- Healthy lawns lead to an increase in oxygen production and help to reduce carbon dioxide from the air. Hearty lawns help to clean and filter the air.

- Fertilized lawns recover faster in heavily trafficked areas and from drought conditions.

Fertilizing is one of the key components to a fuller, thicker lawn, which is why we use only top quality fertilizers that are specifically formulated for the lawns in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the surrounding areas.


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