Tree and Shrub Care Fort Wayne

The tree and shrubs in your landscape represent a very significant part of your properties value. Not only are healthy plants therapeutic, but they also provide beauty and privacy to your home. With our free lawn and tree care analysis, our tree care experts will put together a program to protect your plants and ensure they live a long and beautiful life.

  • Fertilization – Proper fertilization of your trees will help to replace the nutrients that trees and shrubs lose with leaf or foliage removal. It also improves the appearance and condition of plants, including their ability to withstand diseases, insects, and stress.
  • Insects – There are multiple species of insects that can cause severe damage to your trees and shrubs. Our trained experts can identify these insects and have developed a treatment program to eliminate them from your landscape. 
  • Diseases – When exposed to the right environment, your trees and shrubs can develop diseases which cause poor health and appearance. Our tree and shrub experts will identify disease issues and treat your plants to prevent and protect your trees and shrubs from future problems.   

At Signature Lawn & Tree Services, our programs are tailor made specifically for the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. Our tree care experts have 100+ years of hands on experience.

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